Playing Cards

Custom Playing Card Deck


This is my first post to this blog, so I figured what better way to kick things off than to share a small piece of what I've been up to for the past few weeks. I have been a busy boy sketching and writing away in my spare time, working on a small personal project.

I'm designing my own fantasy playing card deck.

I've always love playing cards, and it seemed like a great little product for me to play around with and to give it my own spin. More will be revealed over the coming months. I plan on releasing snapshots or teasers for the artwork via various social media platforms (facebook, instagram, twitter etc) so tune in to me there to follow along, then once all the designs are complete I'll be launching a kickstarter to get them printed. I'm pretty excited, this is something I'm truly feeling passionate about and its been hard to keep me away from my drawing tablet or from thinking about the characters and world I'm building.

So far progress is going great. I've completed rough sketches for most of the main character cards, have written a fair amount about the back story and mythos for each suit/kingdom and character, and have already picked out the companies I plan on running my printing and fulfillment through. It's all very exciting, I'm really feeling energised and driven by this project, I'm liking the characters I'm writing and am happy so far with the art I'm producing for it. It just all feels right. I have plenty of work ahead of me and undoubtedly alot of challenges navigating my first kickstarter, but if all goes well, I  estimate I should be launching my kickstarter in early 2018. 

Over the next few months I'll be releasing teasers for my card artwork as well as time lapse process videos showing the works creation from line to full painting. I plan on offering extended video tutorials through my online store so stay tuned. Over that time also, I plan on keeping a section of this news area for updates where I will share  the process of taking something through from conception to a kickstarter for the first time. I feel it will be great to share this journey, I'm really pumped to push forward with his. So expect lots of teasers, video content and written ramblings in the lead up to the release of my deck.

Oh also the attached is an image of my line work for King of hearts. At the time of writing this, I'm well into painting him (I'll share an update very soon). 

Thanks for reading!