Illustrated 5e Monster Cards

These illustrated monster cards will make a great addition to your DM arsenal. Keep the stats and name to yourself as you flash the card in your unsuspecting players face and watch their hearts sink as they realize how buggered they are!

Each card holds a unique illustration of your most ferocious (and not so ferocious) 5E monsters, and will be released as physical decks, the first in 2019.

The deck is being built, and the final artwork and release date are subject to change. The series will be released in collections of 21-30 cards each.


Custom 5e Character Sheets

Each character sheet is illustrated with it's own unique design. Fill out your characters info on the stat sheet, and utilise the varying formatted inventory sheets to best suit your game play.

Also available are illustrated Character Avatars for use with the sheets. Mix and match to create a playing experience that best suits your PC.

What is Dragon Warchest?

Dragon Warchest is a passion project by Illustrator Jon Siva, focusing on products for Dungeons & Dragons and other similar Role Playing Games. Sales through this online store and patronage through Patreon help fund the creation of illustrated tabletop gaming goodies. All game engine content is in line with 5e SRD and used through the OGL.

All artwork is copyright of Jon Siva.